Terry Hartzell '71 visits with some of the ladies.
(1st Picture in this album)

Mixer at Gilligan's, April 14, 2011

Our first "mixer" at Gilligan's!  About 40 people attended, and we got 13 new memberships.  In addition to the alumni you see in these pictures, the camera shy people who were also there included:  Karen (Witmer) '60 & Sam Mummert '60; Susan Seeds; Jim Creason; Mike Mausner; Debbie Groff Hoachlander '72; Betty Blain Miller '63; Bev Davidson Bosak '62; Marty Bennett Malakin '72; Janice & Herb Wragg '58; Eric Epstein '78; Rich & Sarah Eshenour Johnson '63; Patty Martz '68.
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